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Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters: Zhi (Zuko/Mai), Bohai (Sokka/Suki), Ren (Ty Lee/?)
Warning: AU
Pairings: Bohai/Zhi, REN/ZHI XD But uh... I can't write Ren. :(

It seems the Fire Lord is running out of candidates for son-in-law...

There were men who said that the Fire Lord's eldest daughter Zhi was the loveliest young woman in all of the Fire Nation, if not in all of the world. And it was entirely possible that this was true. She had inhereted her height, slender figure, and fine, glossy hair from her mother and her striking features and liquid eyes from her father's side of the family. But when her eyes went predatorially wide and her soft lips tightened in fierce disapproval, people still whispered about how much she looked like Princess Azula and got the hell out of her way.

Of course, the current object of her barely-restrained fury didn't have that option. Aside from the nervously fluttering drudges who both served their tea and policed their activity, there were guards at the door. And when Zhi's old nurse had left the unlikely pair together, it sounded as if they had been locked into the room.

Zhi hated Ren. She hated his hair, she hated his clothes, she hated the way he spoke; all of which was made abundantly clear with the way her brow furrowed and the corners of her mouth twitched with disapproval every time he was presumptuous enough to move or breathe. A cup of steaming tea had been set before her, and she had gone as far as to rest her perfectly manicured nails upon the porcelain before she had settled upon giving him the most pointedly savage stare she could muster.

Ren might have shrugged and tucked into the delectable-looking spread on the low table except for the disorienting way smoke kept curling from Zhi's nostrils and the rumors that had been circulating that she had set her last suitor on fire.
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