Jun. 12th, 2014

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Bucky's dames didn't tend to the dramatic. Usually, he'd take a girl out a couple of times, show her a good time, and girls didn't go with Bucky unless they were good time girls, he was that kind of fella. They knew better, most of 'em, than to think of Bucky as husband material, and Bucky was okay with that.

They weren't even twenty-five, after all, and they were poor as churchmice, so the idea of finding dames, settling down and getting married or something wasn't one that was particularly urgent in Bucky or Steve's minds. Bucky hadn't resolved whether it was a 'when' or an 'if,' and for the moment, either was fine. He was enjoying his youth, while it lasted.

(Steve was fairly sure that even 'if,' for him, was overly optimistic. And it was almost definitely a sin to think so, but Steve figured kids were probably a terrible idea anyway, as he wouldn't wish his body on anyone. Neither of these were thoughts he shared with Bucky, who would fight even Steve on the idea that Steve wouldn't have a happy ending.)

Evie Taylor's pa, the only person in the universe who insisted on calling her by her Christian "Evelyn," did not approve of Bucky Barnes, who he called a Mick and worse, and disdained him for being a cop's son besides, so Bucky and Steve figured Mister Taylor could go straight to Hell and fuck himself on the way.


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