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Azula/Ty Lee, short fics/ficlets/vignettes


Don't ask me why, freaking muse will not shut up.

Making Ty Lee cry lost its appeal somewhere around the time Azula stopped playing games and started taking lives. It was duly noted, filed away in the index along with Mai's taste for clothes that hid the fact that she had a very nice figure. If Zuko wasn't around to see it, she wasn't showing anyone? A waste.

There were boys, but boys were afraid. Like dogs scenting monsters on the edge of the camp, a wide berth, they didn't even speak to her. As though with her precision she would ever lose control for even the moment it would take to set them on fire or bake them from the inside. There were men, but men valued their lives just as highly, and few were willing to risk her father's wrath to make themselves available to her.

It was only a matter of time before she reached out and grabbed what was in arm's reach, soft, pliant and unresisting, giggling and sweet, sounding drunk when petted like a cat strung out on nip. Ty Lee was initially just as scared of boys as boys were scared of Azula. Noted. Filed. Opportunity seized.

There were unique obstacles. The sharp talons Azula kept honed for battle could injure in intimate places, but the solution came down to adjusting the angles she used on herself, and being a genius, Azula quickly figured it out. So much squealing- Ty Lee never stopped sounding delighted and surprised, but it was gratifying to have picked someone who sensed human physiognomy so well that she recognized the hand clamped over her mouth to quiet her before the reflex to do harm kicked in.

And so it was that the princess dragged her accomplice into a multitude of dark corners, abandoned bed chambers, isolated gardens, and sequestered areas of the library at her own convenience. It was even very possible to crawl into Ty Lee's bed without waking another soul, though she liked even better the times she managed to drag her prey back to her lair.

Ty Lee was a quicker start and finish than Azula, but she was also intimately familiar with nerve endings, pressure points and chakras, so once enticed and set to the task, satisfaction was guaranteed. The reward for which was usually only a slight variation on the initial bait. Two for one was somewhat unorthodox but not unacceptable.

She flattered and cooed, fingers knitting esoteric patterns on her mistress's skin, and praise was valued only slightly less than aphrodisiac. How exactly it was that fingertips rubbing Azula's calves made her nipples crinkle up hard enough to ache evaded explanation, that was just Ty Lee's way, and it was to be prized. She could unlock every ounce of tension and slice right down to the bones of indulgent sensuality that hid beneath Azula's armor, lay her bare and leave her gasping smoke, quivering.

It was for this reason as much as any other that Ty Lee must never, ever be allowed to escape.


Dancing was a lost art in the Fire Nation, but persisted in obscure places. The circus was one of those, and Ty Lee moved for exercise, fast and pounding, sweat slicking her lightly toasted skin.

Azula didn't understand it, it was an unnecessary and unrestrained waste of energy. The only part of it that appealed to her in the slightest was the way those drops of moisture called out to her tongue as they rolled downward into the valley of Ty Lee's breasts, her thighs rippling and shimmying with each stomp.

Mai rolled her eyes and skulked off when yet another training session ended with a tackle, a yelp, and a giggle. They weren't concerned. She was just jealous.


If Zuko knew- his capacity to miss the obvious was astounding- he didn't seem to care, more interested in his tongue in Mai's mouth than anything having to do with Azula or Ty Lee. A more decent brother would at least have the presence of mind to be happy for her, she reasoned, though his counter-argument would be that a more decent sister would merit something from him other than mistrust and trepidation.


She found herself surprisingly gratified by what Ty Lee termed snuggling, which usually seemed to involve draping herself across Azula's lap and kissing her jaw repeatedly. It wasn't that Azula had never been petted before, only that it had been a long time, and she was decidedly amused by the enthusiasm with which Ty Lee did so, genuine and without the slightest hesitation.

Clearly, this arrangement numbered amongst her better ideas.

~To Be Continued, probably, omg Azula go away. DX

Date: 2007-12-26 06:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] birdsarecalling.livejournal.com
Delicious fem-slash! With cuddling that makes an odd amount of sense! I love AzuLee. Reading this was a really nice day-after-Xmas present.

You should totally post this stuff on your regular journal!

Date: 2007-12-26 09:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shes-unreal.livejournal.com
She just wants some booty. Nothing wrong with that. XD


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