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I realize that this journal is a comm in name only, as it is actually a writing journal, HOWEVER-

I occasionally (as in twice) have posted friends-only MA ficbits re:Avatar and so I have released the following limited edition invitations to the following Avatards:

[ profile] rawles
[ profile] may_flyer
[ profile] smillaraaq

Please check yer emails accordingly. ♥

Also, if you would like to plead your case, this is the place. XD


Mai: *playing with knives*

I was reading through some of this and I realized something: I am probably-
Mai: Definitely.
I am definitely a suethor and I have made some characters for TMC which are probably-
Mai: Unbelievable.
Yes, thank you. Completely over the top in terms of origins or perhaps powers and I think I'd like to claim full-
Mai: Blame.
Responsibility for this silliness. It just keeps getting bigger. Dan Dan the slash baby and Kaguya the-
Mai: Fishgirl.
She's not actually a fish.
Mai: Whatever.
Well, for lack of other terms, fishbaby, are really good characters in spite of their-
Mai: Unrepentant.
Seeming sueness. Yes.
Mai: *sighs*
Right. So. I'll get right back to. Um. Proving that. Soon. When I finish obsessing about-
Mai: Kinky bender sex.
. . .
Mai: . . .
Mai: *rolls her eyes*

Azula: Can't you send anyone down here for me to set on fire? It's rather dark, a nice burning person would make a suitable reading lamp. At least until they went out.

Date: 2011-08-23 12:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
hi there. i just discovered a few of your avatar fics, and i enjoy your writing very much. would it be possible to be added as a friend in order to read any of the MA avatar stories? thank you!


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